Friday, April 3, 2009

School Fundraiser Fun

Tonight was Camryn's school fundraiser.  The kids had the BEST time playing games, visiting with friends and hanging out together.  Aislyn loved watching all the action.  What a great evening!

First things first, Aidan needs a fish on his face "a blue one please".  

Camryn's Temporary Tattoos...she chose a snake wand the Woodcreek logo...binging out the inner rebel!

Aidan and Camryn await the results of the Cupcake Walk...they are both WINNERS!

Aidan takes a crack at the beanbag toss!

Camryn, Aidan and Friends wait anxiously to see who wins the Matchbox Car Race.  The winner was Lane 1 (the girl on Cami's right).  I love the look on Aidan's face!

Camryn setting up the bowling pins for Aidan.

Aidan bowling.  He liked to throw the ball down and kick it.  Interesting.  I think hes invented his own sport!

I wasnt quite close enough to hear what they were saying.  They were standing in line waiting to jump in the inflatable castle and this little boy kept tugging at her hair and making faces when she would turn around.  I asked her who he was and she said she didnt know, hes not in her class.  Boys can be so weird...

Hey guys! Check out my cool flashlight!

Ok, what do we do next??

Camryn and her classmates discuss a plan of action.

Camryn rests after racing with her friends.

Even Aislyn had a Great time!

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