Monday, April 12, 2010

18 months

My littlest baby turned 18 months this weekend.  Whenever she hits a milestone I think its fun to compare my three kiddos at the same stage.  Here are their 18 month stats:

Monday, November 16, 2009

365...almost done!

Ive been up late tonight editing and setting up my new photography blog:

So excited about it!  I know Ive been neglecting this blog...but I intend t get back to it.  My project 365 is almost finished....and I will be back here, back to the original.  Next year I will not be doing my 365.  Instead I will keep more of a photo journal.  I love my 365, Im so glad I did it and Im sure I'll do it again, but Im taking 2010 off! heehee!

Friday, July 10, 2009

9 Months

Sweet baby girl is 9 months old today!
Aislyn is such a sweet baby. She loves music and "dancing". She thinks her brother and sister are the most HILARIOUS people in the world. She still loves to cuddle. She gets excited about Grammy and Popa's house, yogurt snacks and being picked up or sung to. She can cry louder than any of my three babies and smiles the biggest of the three as well. I love her voice and hearing her "talk"...mama, more, working on dada!

9 month well check stats:
Weight-17 lbs 8 oz
Height- 26.5 inches

Comparison to her siblings:
Cami: Weight- 15 lbs 2 oz Height- 25 inches

Aidan: Weight- 20 lbs 12 oz Height 27 inches

Saturday, April 11, 2009

6 Years Old

Yesterday Aislyn turned six months old and today Camryn turned six years old.  Camryn at six amazes me.  Shes smart, athletic, brave, kind, stubborn and beautiful...just to name a few of her traits.  Shes the kind of girl that could kick butt on the soccer field, show grace and control on a balance beam, make mud pies and dig in the dirt, or put on a dress and stand poised and lovely as any Disney princess.  She loves to write stories and lists and ideas.  She  says she wants to be a writer and a photographer when she grows up and though I know her goals will change over time I hope that these talents will always remain facets of who she is.  Shes an amazing big sister.  She and Aidan sometimes fight, but she will be the first to jump to his defense if anyone else messes with him.  She adores her baby sister and loves to play with her, talk to her and read to her.  
Oh my dear sweet Camryn, when I first looked into your tiny face 6 short years ago I could have only imagined what you would be like...and you have far surpassed my expectations.  Your daddy and I were so in love with you from the moment you were born and count our blessings daily when we watch you, Aidan and Aislyn laugh, play, share and yes even fight and bicker.  I am so very lucky to be your mommy and to share in this wonderful journey with you.  I dont know what you wished tonight when you blew out those candles but I hope that wish and all your future wishes and dreams come true.

Spongebob Birthday Breakfast waffles...his syrup pants, ummm, leaked...

Waiting for Grammy and Popa to help us blow out candles.

Make a Wish!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Friday, April 10, 2009

6 months

Aislyn is 6 months old today!!  My how time flies.  I cant believe how fast little bunny is growing.  Im so excited to watch her grow and reach her milestones...sitting up on her own, enjoying foods like carrots, peas and squash, playing more, laughing out loud...all of it so amazing.  Yet with each new milestone a tiny bit of sadness seeps in as I watch bits and pieces of her babyhood fall away.  I want to hold on to every last cuddle, every last coo, every last afternoon of rocking her in my arms and feeling her tiny hand reach to touch my face.  
Aislyn my dear you are such a beautiful, sweet, content and patient little baby.  Your brother and sister adore you and are enjoying you more and more as you engage them with your playfulness.  You bring calm to our sometimes chaotic home.  You bring joy to those that gaze upon your sweet smile.  You are such a blessing.

Camryn at 6 months:  24 inches and 13 pounds 8 oz

Aidan at 6 months:  27 inches  and 18 pounds

Friday, April 3, 2009

School Fundraiser Fun

Tonight was Camryn's school fundraiser.  The kids had the BEST time playing games, visiting with friends and hanging out together.  Aislyn loved watching all the action.  What a great evening!

First things first, Aidan needs a fish on his face "a blue one please".  

Camryn's Temporary Tattoos...she chose a snake wand the Woodcreek logo...binging out the inner rebel!

Aidan and Camryn await the results of the Cupcake Walk...they are both WINNERS!

Aidan takes a crack at the beanbag toss!

Camryn, Aidan and Friends wait anxiously to see who wins the Matchbox Car Race.  The winner was Lane 1 (the girl on Cami's right).  I love the look on Aidan's face!

Camryn setting up the bowling pins for Aidan.

Aidan bowling.  He liked to throw the ball down and kick it.  Interesting.  I think hes invented his own sport!

I wasnt quite close enough to hear what they were saying.  They were standing in line waiting to jump in the inflatable castle and this little boy kept tugging at her hair and making faces when she would turn around.  I asked her who he was and she said she didnt know, hes not in her class.  Boys can be so weird...

Hey guys! Check out my cool flashlight!

Ok, what do we do next??

Camryn and her classmates discuss a plan of action.

Camryn rests after racing with her friends.

Even Aislyn had a Great time!

Last Weekend

I never got to post about last weekend because we were sooooooo busy!
It was my birthday, Aidan had a birthday party to go to and Cami performed in a gymnastics demonstration at La Centerra...oh!  and how could I forget, my sister Nicole was at La Centerra dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Katy Magazine!  BONUS My cousin Brittany was Glenda the Good Witch!  Check them out!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holy Baptism

Aislyn,  a prayer for you on the day of your baptism:

O God, our heavenly Father, grant that as you grow in years, may you also grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that by the restraining and renewing influence of the Holy Spirit you may always be a true child of God, serving Him faithfully all your days.

Our dearest family and friends came together today as we vowed to love, care for and counsel you as we lead you into a life of faith.

Celebrating with you today were: Mommy, Daddy, Camryn, Aidan, Ashley Noble, Jennifer, Mike and Addison Porter, Grammy, Popa, Nicole, Todd, Grumpy, Nihar, Deepali, and Kartik Shah, and Chris, Rebecca, Cooper and Bailey Goodwin.