Saturday, April 11, 2009

6 Years Old

Yesterday Aislyn turned six months old and today Camryn turned six years old.  Camryn at six amazes me.  Shes smart, athletic, brave, kind, stubborn and beautiful...just to name a few of her traits.  Shes the kind of girl that could kick butt on the soccer field, show grace and control on a balance beam, make mud pies and dig in the dirt, or put on a dress and stand poised and lovely as any Disney princess.  She loves to write stories and lists and ideas.  She  says she wants to be a writer and a photographer when she grows up and though I know her goals will change over time I hope that these talents will always remain facets of who she is.  Shes an amazing big sister.  She and Aidan sometimes fight, but she will be the first to jump to his defense if anyone else messes with him.  She adores her baby sister and loves to play with her, talk to her and read to her.  
Oh my dear sweet Camryn, when I first looked into your tiny face 6 short years ago I could have only imagined what you would be like...and you have far surpassed my expectations.  Your daddy and I were so in love with you from the moment you were born and count our blessings daily when we watch you, Aidan and Aislyn laugh, play, share and yes even fight and bicker.  I am so very lucky to be your mommy and to share in this wonderful journey with you.  I dont know what you wished tonight when you blew out those candles but I hope that wish and all your future wishes and dreams come true.

Spongebob Birthday Breakfast waffles...his syrup pants, ummm, leaked...

Waiting for Grammy and Popa to help us blow out candles.

Make a Wish!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

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The Salazar Family said...

How beautiful and exciting a birthday.