Friday, February 20, 2009

3 Years Old

Today is Aidan's third birthday!!  We've had such a busy day.  Aidan celebrated with his school friends this morning.  At his school when someone has a birthday the birthday child brings a poster to school with pictures from infant to present age and they share it with the class.  Aidan loved showing all of his pictures.  I think he really enjoyed having everyone's attention on him for his special day.  After the poster he shared some Transformer and Batman cupcakes with his friends and the class sang Happy Birthday.  After school we sat in the carpool line at Cami's school since she had early dismissal.  He ate his lunch from his Spiderman lunchbox and went on and on about being THREE and being a BIG hes going to play soccer and wear big boy underpants and always listen to his teachers and mommy and daddy (all his idea of what being a big boy means).  
Later, after picking Camryn up, we headed to see the pediatrician for Aidan's yearly well check. He was excited about being measured and weighed, but when the nurse took us to the exam room he stopped in the doorway and said "I dont want to do this part!" and turned to walk out of the office!  I assured him that there would be no shots and he agreed to go into the exam room.  Everything went well and he is perfect as perfect can be!  50th percentile for height and weight, healthy, smart and handsome =)
After the doctor, we did some errands and then all went out to dinner at Rainforest Cafe.  He had such a great time and lit up like a firecracker when they brought out the volcano cake with sparklers and a loud crowd of waitstaff singing Happy Birthday!  I have never seen a child so proud to be three.  Hes been glowing all day long...and the celebrations have only just begun!

Aidan at 3 Years Old:  Height- 38 inches  Weight- 33 pounds

Comparison Stats for Cami at 3 Years Old:  Height- 34 inches    Weight- 26 pounds

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

4 Months Old

Today was Aislyn's 4 month well check.  She doing beautifully and growing right on track.  We should be able to start some rice cereal this month.  She is such a smiley baby!  She has discovered her hands and constantly has them in her mouth.  She loves being in my lap and we spend our mornings cuddling, chatting and playing with her toys.  Shes growing so fast!  Check out how she compares to Camryn and Aidan at the same age, right in the middle.

Aidan- 4 months old.  15 pounds 7 ounces.  25.75 inches

Camryn- 4 months old.  11 pounds 10 ounces 22.5 inches

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Addison Julieann

The excitement all started Friday morning when I got word that Jenn was on her way to the hospital to have her 1st baby.  Unfortunately, though in active labor, they sent her home because she hadnt progressed enough.  We stayed in contact all day and then finally at about 11pm she and Mike headed back to the hospital.  Her labor progressed perfectly.  I joined her mom and dad at the hospital around 3am and Addison was born shortly after 5 am.  Jenn is doing well and baby Addison is absolutely perfect!  She is stunningly gorgeous.  Perfect skin, Jenn's nose, Mikes eyes (imo) and the cutest little dimples.  She is sweet and serene, going easy on her new mommy and daddy.  Congratulations Jenn and Mike!  Im so excited that after all of these years of incredible friendship, we can raise our baby girls together!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Water Baby

Aislyn had her first swim lesson today.  We started all of the kids young to avoid all of the anxiety about water.  They learn the rules about pools and safety early on and though I would NEVER leave them unattended, I know that if they get in a situation their odds of a positive outcome are increased.  This has already been proven when Cami fell in a pool his past summer fully clothed and caught off guard.  There were adults all around and a dear friend of ours even dove in to save her...but she had already saved herself.  
Anyway, Aislyn had a wonderful time.  She loves the sensation of warm water and often closes her eyes and starts to doze during baths.  We call bath time "spa time" at our house because she finds it so relaxing.  It was the same in the pool.  The water was warm and as soon as she laid back (in the float position) she was calm and relaxed.  She didnt even mind putting her face in the water!