Friday, July 10, 2009

9 Months

Sweet baby girl is 9 months old today!
Aislyn is such a sweet baby. She loves music and "dancing". She thinks her brother and sister are the most HILARIOUS people in the world. She still loves to cuddle. She gets excited about Grammy and Popa's house, yogurt snacks and being picked up or sung to. She can cry louder than any of my three babies and smiles the biggest of the three as well. I love her voice and hearing her "talk"...mama, more, working on dada!

9 month well check stats:
Weight-17 lbs 8 oz
Height- 26.5 inches

Comparison to her siblings:
Cami: Weight- 15 lbs 2 oz Height- 25 inches

Aidan: Weight- 20 lbs 12 oz Height 27 inches