Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday was a big day for my little guy.  He took his first school pictures and had his first appointment with the dentist.  The night before, Aidan helped pick out his own clothes for his picture.  He brushed his teeth with a little extra enthusiasm and practiced his smile in the mirror.  He was so excited about going to Big Boy School and taking his pictures, but even MORE excited about the dentist!  Cami has been talking it up quite a bit (she ADORES the dentist).  She told him all about Miss Kim the hygenist and how she makes your teeth shiny.  She also told him about the goody bag he would get and the treasure chest filled with stickers and color books and little ceramics to paint.  She really did make it sound like Disney World and Aidan was so excited about it you would have thought thats where we were going!  He did so good.  He let Miss Kim count polish and rinse his teeth.  He was a little apprehensive about the flouride but other than that was absolutely perfect...he really enjoyed it!  When we left he chatted with all the front desk ladies and politely said "I'll see you later".  He couldnt wait to get home and show off his brand new smile :)

Darn Brooke Shields and Her Silly Commercials

Well it was inevitable...as much as I resisted and REALLY did try not to give in to the last badge of mommyhood, there was just no way I was going to cram three car seats into my beloved Jetta.  So yesterday, kicking and screaming (almost literally), I drove my last drive in my little car straight to the dealership.  It was time to put on my big girl britches and face the fact that I just needed something bigger to haul my brood.  With each passing mile I thought of all the words and phrases that would describe my new ride- mommymobile, grocery getter, VAN!  Ugh!  Nothing fun or cool about any of it.  I saw my life flash before me as I parked my little Jetta and walked into West Houston VW...I just knew that my days of carefree youth were gone with this final transition from compact car to MINIVAN!  Then I saw her...the 2009 VW Routan SEL.  So many cool features, gorgeous interior, sumptuous leather, that new car smell...ahhh!  All that and it drives like a dream.  A few signatures and a handshake and she was all mine!  As we walked out to my brand new vehicle (with only 30 little miles on it), my old car was parked right behind her.  It was sad to say good bye and Im not ashamed to say that actual tears were shed, but we both new that greater things were in store for us.  Im sure my little Jetta will soon belong to a new driver that will take her on many wonderous adventures.  As for me...look out Katy Texas because Im behind the wheel of the most bad ass mini van on the road!

2 Week Check Up and Getting Ready for Halloween!

Monday was Aislyn's two week check up.  She is in the 5th percentile and growing steadily on her curve.  She is now 19.75 inches and 6 lbs. 10 oz.  She's growing so fast!  Even with all the growth we were still having issues finding a Halloween costume.  One of the KLP moms suggested that I try one of the "outfits" from Build-A-Bear.  Ashley had given me a cheerleader BAB when I was coaching cheer years ago.  So I tried it and IT FITS!!!  Its Perfect.  I cant wait to take her out with Cami and Aidan for her first Trick or Treat.  

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Big Helper

Aidan has been loving his new role as a big brother!  Big Brother=Big Boy=Big Helper.  He loves helping around the house.  He helps with the dishwasher, picks up his toys and is the Master Pacifier Retriever.  He is so proud of himself when he helps.  I cant believe how much my baby boy has grown up.  Hes so big and kind and sensitive.  Whenever someone is feeling bad he shows so much concern and is moved to help comfort them.  When he hears Aislyn cry he immediately heads for the anti bacterial pump to wash his hands and then runs over to find her paci, puts it in her mouth, kisses her head and tells her "its ok Aislyn!"  He offers hugs when Cami is in a bad mood and a smile and kiss when I've had a particularly hard day.  I love that even though hes all boy- rough and tumble, loud, boisterous, and a total dare devil- he also has a soft side.  Now if we could just conquer potty training...

Friday, October 24, 2008


So heres my two week old sleepy little cupcake.  She always looks so happy and content when she sleeps.  I sometimes just sit and watch her with her random smiles, soft little sighs and her eyes moving under her eyelids and I wonder "what is she dreaming about?"  Her world is so simple right now.  She wakes up to eat and get a diaper change or just to look around for an hour or so before slipping back into quiet content sleep.  So what is going on behind those eyelids??  Does she dream of her brother's kisses?  Her sister's songs?  Her daddy's touch?  Her mommy's snuggles?  Gramma's laugh?  As much as I cant wait for her to be more awake and expressive, I also want it to go by slow.  These moments pass too fast...but I know I'll have glimpses back to these days when I watch her sleep like her 2 year old brother and 5 year old sister.  It doesn't matter how much they grow, they all have that same expression of quiet comfort when they sleep.  At the end of the day, when you see them so peaceful, all seems right with the world.

Kindergarten Field Trip

Yesterday was Cami's first public school field trip...she was sooooo excited!  She was up early, ate breakfast and dressed in record time.  Im still not cleared to drive, so daddy went on the field trip while I stayed home and thought of all the fun I was missing with Cami...guess when you have three kiddos you have to get used to dividing your time.  Im sure Ian often thinks about all the fun Im having with the baby all to myself throughout the morning, or at playdates and activities with Cami and Aidan.  Im so glad that he is flexible with his work schedule and gets plenty of time to be a part of all the milestones and activities.  
On top of all the excitement of Dewberry Farm itself, Cami also got to ride the BIG YELLOW BUS for the first time ever.  I asked her if it was as great as she thought it would be and she said "um, not really...the other kids kept leaning on me to see out the window.  BUT I still wanna ride the bus to school because I dont mind kids leaning on me so much."   Hmmmm...bottom line, Im still not ready for my baby to ride the bus on a regular basis.
Over all they had a great time.  Ian had 4 kids assigned to him and the trip was very well organized...only one little mishap.  At one point, Ian was gathering the kids to move on to the next activity.  They were just waiting on Cami to come down the "fireman's pole" on a playfort.  Somehow she missed the pole and ended up free falling about 6 feet from the second level of the fort landing on a wooden deck below.  Ian said it looked really scary and he thought for sure there would be a broken bone involved (she fell on her hip).  However, she only cried for a moment and spent the next 20 minutes jumping on an inflatable bubble, confirming that all was well.  I think Ian was counting his lucky stars that of all the kids to have anything go wrong it was our kid and he was there to comfort her.  
So at the end of the day we had one exhausted kindergartener who was in bed by 7:45!  God Bless Field Trips!

Friday, October 17, 2008

1 Week Old!

What a week this has been!  The first seven days have gone by so fast!  Aislyn is proving to be a perfect name for our newest little sweetheart.  The name is Irish for "dream like"  and she is exactly that...a dream baby!  She is nursing like a pro and taking a bottle with no problem switching from one to the other.  At her appointment on Wednesday she was back up to 6 pounds even!  She sleeps for 5-6 hour stretches at night and is blending in perfectly with our household routines.  Nothing seems to bother her which is a good thing since our home is filled with noise and activity most of the time.  Cami and Aidan love being "helpers"...going to get burp cloths, throwing away diapers, helping with feedings and retrieving pacifiers.  My mom has been so amazing this past week, running the kids to and from school, gymnastics and swim, making them feel special and important and making sure that Ian and I are getting plenty of rest, time to organize and time to recover.
Aidan adores Aislyn, she is the first thing he looks for in the morning.  He wants to constantly be looking at her and touching her.  However, we have noticed some behaviors from him that we hope will pass.  He needs our attention and wen he doesn't immediately have it, will mis-behave to get it.  He is also doing things like constantly putting his hands in his mouth, he tried to put on Aislyn's cap, sit in her car seat and the other day he came around the corner with Aislyn's paci in his mouth (he hasn't used a pacifier since his 1st birthday).  I know all of this is to be expected, but its still a little frustrating.

We had a conference with Cami's teacher today and she reassured us that all was well with Camryn at school.  She is meeting and exceeding all academic expectations, has a good attitude and is making friends.  Ms. Havard says that Cami seems to be handling the new arrival well, that she is excited about her sister and enjoys writing and talking about her.

Over all things are going well.  Our family is all falling into place.  I cant believe how fortunate we are.  Ian and I are more in love with each other every day.  Our children are healthy and happy.  Our lives are so full.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome Home

Aislyn Heath Noble
Born 10/10/08 
5:55 pm
6 lbs. 3 oz
18.25 inches
We are so happy to finally have you home with us!  Born at 36 weeks, you came much earlier than we expected but you are perfect and healthy...proving that only you knew when the "right" time was.  You are such a great little sleeper, so peaceful and content.  When we brought you home today you were 5 lbs 10 oz at your last weigh in, but you are eating well and will grow bigger and stronger every day.  You look so much like your brother and sister did.  We are all so completely in love with you!  Cami came home from school today and made a beeline for you! She stood and held your little hand for about 15 minutes...never saying a word just held your hand and smiled down at you.  Aidan came in when he woke up from his nap and stood peeking over the edge of the cradle next to Cami saying "shes sleepy!" and "shes cute!"  Daddy and I are still in awe of all three of our little ones...so strong, beautiful, happy and amazing.  Each of you a special gift.  
So with you we are now a great big family of five and I cant imagine being a part of anything greater than that!