Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

Today was a big day for my baby girl (and for me). We started preparing for today last night...laid out a new outfit, packed up Cami's pink backpack with all the papers that needed to be returned from "meet the teacher" night, packed lunches and went to bed early. This morning Ian made Cami's favorite homemade chocolate chip waffles and a side of strawberries for breakfast and the day started off without a hitch! Everyone was in a good mood and Cami was so excited and ready to head off to her first day in Kindergarten. Our morning was filled with the usual hustle and bustle. I took Cami outside for the traditional first day of school photos and was a little disappointed that the humidity was causing my lens to fog...but oh well such is life here in Texas. So off we went, the whole family, to see Cami to her classroom and issue our hugs and goodbyes. We got to the school, parked and walked to the building. As we got closer, Cami said "I know where my class is! Wanna see me walk by myself?" I of course told her yes and she let go of my hand. I followed behind watching my baby girl lead the way. She knew exactly where she was going and what to do. I marveled at her confidence as she walked ahead of me with her head held high looking for the big "K" on the wall that marked the hallway where she was to turn. She occasionally looked back at me and would say "Its this way, follow me!"...and I did. When we arrived in her room her teacher greeted her with the biggest warmest smile, the kind that we remember our first teachers by, and Cami greeted her back with equal warmth and excitement. She quickly found her seat and began the desk work that the teacher had set out for the children. I took a couple more photos and knelt by her desk to give her one last hug and kiss. She hugged me back and said "I'll see you at the car rider line" (we rehearsed this procedure along with many others the night before). As I left the classroom I turned to look back one last time at my little girl sitting among all of the other children in her new classroom... sitting straight in her chair with such confidence flowing through her and I was thankful. I was thankful for all of her pre-school teachers that taught her to love school, thankful for all of her friends who have taught her to treat people with kindness and thankful that she was ours and that we would get the privilege of sharing in many moments like these with her. That was when the first tear hit my cheek. I wasn't sad that my child was going off without me, I was glad that we have done something right in raising this beautiful young lady to believe in herself and her ability to do for herself. I know now that she doesn't always need to follow me...she is capable of leading the way, but her daddy and I will always be there not far behind.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Class of 2021!

Today we joined our friends for a special play date to celebrate our Kindergartners to be.  There were friends a plenty, cake, pizza...even diplomas and Pomp and Circumstance.  Most importantly of all though were our guests of honor.  Asha, Cami, Cooper, Saylor and Jolie are all headed off to begin one of many educational milestones, the Big K!  All of us proud mommies stood beaming as we watched our babies (for most of us our first born) walk across the living room and accept their diploma...their ticket to the next step.  As much time as we have spent preparing our children and ourselves for this big day, I know there will be many a tear shed as our little ones march off into the beginning of their 13 year public school journey on Monday morning.  I know that when we leave them on that first day all of us will have thoughts of how much they have grown and how far they have come in such a short time.  We will think back to those days when they were so tiny and helpless and marvel at how bright, independent and able they are.  It is yet another reminder of how quickly time goes by.  I have so many hopes and wishes for Cami and her friends.  I wish them wisdom, patience and endurance to conquer the challenges they may face; grace in their success and the ability to dream and set goals to make their dreams come true.  I hope that their friendships with each other endure and that new friendships formed are as strong and positive as those that they carry with them today.  As for the mommies, Im sending up a prayer that we all get through Monday and all of the other big moments to come leaving our kiddos with warm hugs, proud smiles and a sense of secure knowledge that we will be there for them through it all.  I cant wait to hear everyone's "Tales From The First Day".  Im so glad that I have such wonderful friends to share these moments with.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Aislyn Revealed!

Relaxing with her hand under her chin

Index finger pointing at her foot
Is she doing crunches???
Rubbing the top of her head
Her feet and her profile

Finally she shows her face!!!  We got to see it all in live motion so we were able to get an idea of her expressions and such.  Cami was so excited watching her move and stretch and kick.  Ian and I think that so far she appears to be a really good mix of Cami and Aidan.  She seems to have Aidan's nose and cheeks and Cami's mouth and chin.  She is so very active!  So much so that most of her still shots are blurred because there wasn't a moment that she was still.  She seems to be in constant motion doing her own version of baby water ballet.  Every part of her is moving and stretching from her fingertips to her sweet little toes.  Shes definitely a busy bee!  We cant wait to finally meet her!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So all kids play dress up.  I've seen Cami dressed as a princess, a doctor, a fashion queen even a skunk...but this was a new one altogether.  Shes been putting together the wildest get-ups the past few days.  I've seen everything from the leotard/cape/boot combo to having on enough necklaces to put Mr. T to shame.  Im not sure where the inspiration for tonight's ensemble comes from and rather than question it I just chose to laugh along with her and make sure I got a picture for her senior yearbook.  Children are so incredibly funny.  What I wouldn't give to spend just an hour or so in the mind of my children.  To truely see the World through their eyes would be such an amazing experience.  We should all make sure to take time to be silly, make a mess and really see things the way our children do...even if it is through upside down Speedo goggles.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Elbows and Knees

Leg, foot and arm
Elbows, knees and a foot

Last Friday Ian, Cami and I went in for Aislyn's long awaited 4D ultrasound.  Aidan stayed at Grammy's knowing that his patience couldn't withstand this glorious event.  We were all so eager to see our little one's face...does she look like Cami, like Aidan, like neither???  Alas, all she would give us was elbows and knees- stinker.  As soon as the US tech put the wand on my belly she said "Oh these pictures will be GREAT!!!  The fluid looks so good we're going to get some really good pictures!"  Right then it was as though our little girl, already with a mind of her own, could hear the tech's words.  She turned over to face my spine and HIDE her face!!!!  For about 40 minutes we tried to turn her.  We nudged her, I laid on my side, then the other side, then the other side again...nothing.  So the tech gave me some cold water and a jolly rancher to try to get her stimulated...and it worked!!  But now she was moving so much and so fast, turning sommersaults, kicking and waving it was impossible to get a good still shot...not to mention she was still hiding her face.  So we finally called it a day.  We will try again this Friday to see if we can get a look at her face, but for now her elbows and knees will have to do.