Friday, April 10, 2009

6 months

Aislyn is 6 months old today!!  My how time flies.  I cant believe how fast little bunny is growing.  Im so excited to watch her grow and reach her milestones...sitting up on her own, enjoying foods like carrots, peas and squash, playing more, laughing out loud...all of it so amazing.  Yet with each new milestone a tiny bit of sadness seeps in as I watch bits and pieces of her babyhood fall away.  I want to hold on to every last cuddle, every last coo, every last afternoon of rocking her in my arms and feeling her tiny hand reach to touch my face.  
Aislyn my dear you are such a beautiful, sweet, content and patient little baby.  Your brother and sister adore you and are enjoying you more and more as you engage them with your playfulness.  You bring calm to our sometimes chaotic home.  You bring joy to those that gaze upon your sweet smile.  You are such a blessing.

Camryn at 6 months:  24 inches and 13 pounds 8 oz

Aidan at 6 months:  27 inches  and 18 pounds

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